Vehicle fabrication and rust repair

Brisbane rust repair and vehicle fabrication

North Brisbane based CIN Fabrications are vehicle rust repair specialists and vehicle fabrication , rust repair done in the true nature of removing the rusty damage and cutting and plating to OE standards. We also can modify and repair to your own personal needs, weather it be your weekend end cruiser. A full body, ground up and chassis restoration, your speedway car or street car or even your Kenworth.

Rust can be an unforeseen problem in vehicles. Rust is normally caused by poor cleaning, the wrong storage and lack of maintenance. Rust in vehicle floor plans would be one of the common inquiries that we receive to repair. Rust in windscreen surrounds is another common problem. In these cases the rust is generally caused by leaves and dirt or perished windscreen seals. The other problems creating or causing rust can be what you do with your vehicle. EG:- 4×4 off road use either in the mud, bush or beach is not a problem for the vehicle. Its the lack of cleaning after that off road adventure over time that creates the rust.

Rust problems are also caused at times by no fault of the owner. Vehicle manufactures are at times the cause of the rust. Vehicles are designed with hidden sections and inaccessible voids in the body that cant be cleaned or maintained. This will just be a generic problem then that the particular vehicle will incur.

We don’t specialize in any specific makes, models, age or size or its purpose. Describe your rust repair requirements to us and we are sure we can use our skills to custom fabricate it. If you have a vehicle restoration or project in mind we don’t specialize in any particular brand, make, model, and the age is irrelevant. We are happy to work on any make or model and challenge anything you have in mind that your projects requires. Our welding and steel fabrication skills are broad enough to tackle the smaller jobs or complete the total restoration. Went racing on the weekend and had a crash ? If it was your Speedway Micro Sprint Kart or Go Kart that you need chassis repairs or welding we can look at that too. ¬†The options are endless.