Equipment welding and fabrication

Equipment Welding & Fabrication

Equipment welding & fabrication repairs are at Geebung based CIN Fabrications. They pride themselves in having the knowledge to repair any damaged machinery accessories. Whether light duty or heavy duty, big or small. Ranging from your ride on mower deck to your dingo, bobcat, small and large excavators and farming machinery equipment and attachments. We can hard face your equipment to prolong the life of your attachments.  We can also remove rust repairs by cutting and platting, or if you have a limited budget we can patch over the area.  This includes your tipper bodies and plant trailers.

CIN Fabrications repairs cracks. Cracks in chassis’s are an unforeseen problem some times as well. With our knowledge and skills all crack repairs of any nature can be sorted.  Your equipment is your lively hood and we can appreciate that. All repairs are generally turned around in 48 hours. Our welder and metal fabricator has 20 years of industry experience. Over that time has made thousands of different products across all aspects of steel fabrication and generally never made the same thing twice, unless its been a batch order.  This is where our versatility comes into the service that we provide and the unique difference in our Brisbane metal fabrication service, that other workshops are unable to offer, in their single set field of service.