North Brisbane metal fabrication gallery

North Brisbane metal fabrication Gallery CIN Fabrications

North Brisbane metal fabrication gallery is used to show some of the welding and fabrication jobs done. CIN Fabrications specialize in all forms of metal fabrications. Our welding and steel fabrication operation services a diverse range of industries including domestic, industrial and commercial metal fabrications. Please visit our specialty gallery collection.

CIN Fabrications works with a wide range of steel, aluminium, and stainless steel.  We carry out rust repairs, general repairs/maintenance, modifications, metal repairs and new fabrication services. If you have a vehicle restoration or project in mind we don’t specialize in any particular brand, make, model, and the age is irrelevant. We are happy to work on any make or model and challenge anything you have in mind that your project requires. Our skills are broad enough to tackle the smaller jobs or complete the total restoration. Went racing on the weekend and had a crash ? If it was your Speedway Micro Sprint Kart or Go Kart that you need chassis repairs we can look at that too.

Being a smaller business, we will offer a more personalized service to ensure that the end result exceeds your expectations. For equipment and attachment repairs we endeavour to offer the fastest possible turn around because we can appreciate that your equipment is your lively hood.  Our lively hood is doing your repairs. Depending on the repair most repairs can be turned around in maximum of 48 hours.

Our welder and metal fabricator has 20 years of industry experience. Over that time has made thousands of different products across all aspects, or fields and generally never made the same thing twice, unless its been a batch order.  This is where our versatility comes into the service that we provide and the unique difference in our service, that other workshops are unable to offer, in their single set field of service.

Call or email us now to discuss your personalized metal fabrication requirements.


Domestic welding and steel fabrication

Custom steel trays

Jet ski fabrications

Equipment welding and fabrications

Shed fabrication and welding

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